Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to goodcake.

After creating my first wedding cake for a friend in 2001, I was moved by the reaction of the guests after tasting the cakes. People were surprised and pleased that the cake tasted good AND looked beautiful. All too often, a great tasting cake can be hard to find. Taste and flavor often take the back seat to the garish d├ęcor of the special occasion cake. Why eat something that doesn’t make you feel like it was all worth it? My philosophy is that a cake should be worth the calories. My focus is on creating products that taste exceptional and are simply beautiful, without all the added fuss.*

*by fuss, I mean whoop-dee-doo buttercream roses and thick layers of rolled fondant.

Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy to add a little whimsy here and there in my own ways...(I do find myself perusing the aisles at novelty stores now and again!)

Whimsy for me means using spruced up natural ingredients to garnish, like candied citrus and nuts, crystallized carrots and sugared rose petals...or, how about the au natural look of beautiful edible flowers and berries?

and, goodcake. isn't limited to just cakes.



eat goodcake and enjoy!